Brand Measurement + Reporting

The other “product” you should demand from your agency.

It’s true. Before the digital age, when you’d ask an agency about campaign results, you’d get foggy answers about image, awareness, and impressions. And, of course, these nebulous metrics were always “improving” by year end, thanks to their good work.

Now things are different. Working with our clients, Core agrees upon goals, key performance indicators, ways to measure them, and when to measure them. But more than just number-crunching is involved. From all of the information we gather, we look to gain key insights – strategies and ideas we can try to get closer to your customers and closer to your goals.

Bottom line, our consultants and integrated teams will work with yours to look for trends in the analytics, to test reactions to different messaging strategies, and to do whatever it takes to add proven value to your business.

  • Analytics + Insights
  • Campaign Metrics + Lead Generation

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