4 things we’re taking away from day 1 of SHSMD

September 20, 2012
Stephanie Burton Director, Healthcare Marketing
Stephanie Hungerford,
health care account executive

Saige and I were among the lucky few who were able to fly into Philadelphia Tuesday night with virtually no delays. As a result, we were able to enjoy some of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development’s pre-conference activities. Here are four things we’re taking away from day one of SHSMD.

  1. Major healthcare institutions are using simulation labs to recruit the best and brightest health care providers, according to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. (See a few photos from our tour of CHOP on Pinterest).
  2. About 10 percent of your staff’s time should be spent measuring, reporting and evaluating the impact of your marketing efforts. This we learned from our good friends Chris Boyer and Chris Bevelo during their pre-conference workshop, The Metamorphosis of a Digital Marketing Strategy. Watch our post-session interview on YouTube.
  3. Meeting new and old friends is fun! I enjoyed talking shop with Jennifer Carbary, director of marketing for Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak, Michigan. We chatted about iPads during last year’s SHSMD conference and have been connected with each other ever since.
  4. What we do is really, really special. I had the pleasure of working with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for six years. As I toured another children’s hospital yesterday morning, I was surprised to find myself choking back tears. It had less to do with the tour and more to do with the privilege we have as healthcare marketers to make a difference, and understanding the importance of the mission of these institutions.

What did you learn from the first day of SHSMD? What are your hopes for day two? We look forward to meeting you.


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