An inspiring brand promise

September 28, 2012
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

“Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

Recognize that phrase? It belongs to Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Call it what you will: a tagline, a slogan, a brand promise, a vision. I call it inspired.

In seven little words (three of which are repeated), the phrase describes expectations around the behaviors of an employee base – and succinctly aligns them with the demographic profile of an intended target audience.

The result is one of the most revered hotel brands in the world.

This is total brand alignment. This is what brings people (makers and takers; buyers and sellers; servers and serviced) together. One profound thought elegantly expressed and repeated consistently over time.

What are your seven little words? What simple idea or belief statement captures the imagination of your employees and customers?

If it helps, finish one of these sentences below and I’ll evaluate the “makings” of your brand. If you like what you hear from me, maybe we can even get it down to seven little words.


We believe…  ________________________________________.

We are the only…  ____________________________________.

Unlike our competition… _______________________________.



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