A special event can strengthen your employer brand

September 12, 2013
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

Special events at companies are not only opportunities to build culture … they can be important employer brand touch points. Don’t miss an opportunity for your employees to engage, celebrate and “live your brand” with each other. Stop and think about the opportunities you have and the programs you can develop to make something like this happen.

We did that this summer at our annual mid-year meeting. In this Think Tank exercise, our folks had to “bring it” by collaborating across departments to speed-solve real biz challenges in under 1 hour.

Fun. And practical.


It’s a chance to strengthen our brand among our employees (particularly important with so many new additions) through our say it. live it.™ approach … practicing internally, what we express externally to build total brand alignment for ourselves, just as we work to do for our clients.

But we can’t just talk about it. Over the next several months, our teams are going to come together internally to develop a program that solves a business problem, makes something better for our agency and gives us a solution we can offer our clients.

And we’re gonna show you how we’re doing it. So stay tuned and come back and visit us again. For now, take a look at this video for a look at how we took a “Live It.” touch point and used it as an opportunity to strengthen our brand.


Ward began his advertising career as a copywriter, working for two of Wisconsin’s leading business-to-business agencies. In 1994, Ward helped form Core Creative with his two partners. At Core, he originally served as an account executive and copywriter. As Core grew, Ward moved on to his current administrative role as president. While he still provides brand consultation and strategy to a handful of accounts directly, his primary goal now is to help guide the agency’s direction and business development efforts. Connect with Ward on LinkedIn or drop him an email at ward@corecreative.com.




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