A Summer At Core Creative: Life As A Core Intern

August 4, 2021
Eibar Robledo Intern

After convincing myself that it wasn’t a joke, I was welcomed to the Core Creative team on April 1st, April Fools Day. After coming off a COVID-19 infused school year, I was excited to finally share my work ethic and commitment with a team that was dedicated to its clients and knowledgeable about the work it does. With that though––as any other first-year intern for that matter––I was nervous about beginning this new experience. I didn’t know what to expect from the Core Creative culture and I had zero expectations going into it all.

I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest extent in order to expand my career as an up-and-coming professional in the industry. I set three goals for myself as a result––

  • Explore a holistic view of marketing through an agency.
  • Practice collaborating with professionals in the industry.
  • Contribute lots to the Core Creative team, as well as to clients and their projects.

Reflecting on my experience this summer as an intern at Core, it is safe to say everything fell into place beautifully. The Core culture is a special one and deserving of all its recognition and praise. Core ensures all employees feel comfortable in their workspaces––a mission they have leveled up successfully with the pandemic. Being able to choose if I wanted to work from home or at the Coretel (the Core magic hot spot) on a day-to-day basis allowed for much flexibility and productivity. Having the liberty to choose where I wanted to carry out my work expanded into the assignments I was given. With every move I made and every project assigned, I was given full guidance and trust. I was allowed to work at my own pace and figure out my day-to-day agenda as I saw fit. I was welcomed to bring my background knowledge into my work and seek help when something new crossed my path. The Core culture and climate goes above and beyond. There were always direct messages to me on Slack to check in on how I was doing and if I needed any additional support. Those I worked with were always on board with my plans and only wanted to help me carry them out. 

The biggest indicator of their support for me happened at the very beginning. On the very first onboarding day, I noted that I didn’t want to strictly specialize in one task within the agency. I wanted to be a sponge that welcomed anything and everything that exposed me well to marketing; I wanted to learn all that I could over the summer. Core respected my wishes and did just that by tasking me with all sorts of assignments, ranging from media pitch writing to competitive positioning research, and more. These assignments gave me thorough insight to the clients Core works with and enabled me to offer my contributions to them as well. The respect for my wishes is the moment I will take with me forever about the agency.

As I depart Core Creative and enter my sophomore year as an undergraduate student, I discovered much about myself as a professional and about the industry. I am thankfuI for the opportunity and can confidently say that my initial goals were met a million times over. The Core mission is one that is very telling about how to be successful within the industry and successful in any project one takes: Say It. Live it. I am excited to apply its mission in my future endeavors!


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