Agency design service teams: a partnership worth trusting

June 11, 2015
Regina Maline Lead Designer

If you transported to the not-so distant past, a design shop was the place to find people to provide the service of design—creating a logo, brochure, poster or annual report. Often times, outside designers couldn’t fully understand your brand or product as well as someone who lived and breathed your company values at every turn.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Long gone are the days of one-and-done agency design projects. No longer can agency design teams be considered “outsiders” to your brand. These days, modern agency design (service) teams are extensions of a company—providing a fresh outside-in view of your brands.True-Partnership

An effective design team dedicates itself to brand management and project execution at every level and need for each company they work with. Think of it as the in-house design department made better—project coordinators and creative professionals that have the benefit of a full-service agency, as close as a walk down the hallway.

A dedicated team that lives and breathes your brand outside the walls of your office.

And, really, when you entrust your creative work to an agency, it all comes down to the relationship.

So what makes working with an agency design team—and forging this true partnership—so different from in-house capabilities of similar breadth?

Agency design teams think differently about strategy. Designers consider the end-user’s perspective, their wants and needs, and create solutions that capitalize on this human desire to forge an emotional connection with the brands they buy. So, while your company can stay focused and busy figuring out margins and clicks, we’re focusing on that intangible goal of keeping your brand relevant and meaningful. If your company has its own design team, a full–service agency can be a beneficial collaboration partner. Because agencies tend to work with multiple industries, this provides the opportunity to borrow best practices and ideas from these other industries.

There’s no smoke and mirrors to it. We are invested in applying strategic thinking to every aspect of a project, because that’s what we do. We share in successes and challenges, because, at the end of the day, we are just as invested in your company as you are.

Having the “outsider’s” view is crucial, while as we are deeply immersed in your business, we also benefit from the broader influences inherent in a full-service agency—access to fresh ideas, the ability to collaborate with experts within our very own walls to assist with technically advanced challenges and professional experience in our fields.

This is our idea of true partnership. This is our definition of what Design Services should be all about.

So, what’s yours?
Regina Maline is a Senior Designer at Core Creative. Want to hear more from our team?  Sign up for our monthly e-mail.



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