An office tour of Core Creative

December 21, 2012
Jerry Higgins Creative Director

At Core Creative, we’ve been chatting on and on about it all year so you’re probably well aware that the highlight of 2012 – beyond continuing to enjoy so many wonderful client, coworker, and friend and family relationships, naturally – has been our move into our new office. It excited us for many months before we made the leap, and inspires us every day as we continue to grow into the space.

This fall, we opened our doors for a party that had all of us smiling and enjoying the company of many wonderful people.

And we wanted to share a slice of that evening with you. Sit back and enjoy a brief tour from me. Of course, those doors will swing open any time you want to come visit and chat with us.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012 … and to what will be an exciting and convention-pushing 2013.


Jerry Higgins is our creative director at Core. He and senior graphic designer Doug Birling produced, shot and edited this video of our open house.


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