Ask for help when developing content

July 3, 2012
Colin Deval Director, Communications Strategy

“I like to share.”

A friend said that recently to explain his use of Instagram (which is, by the way, a delight).

I like to share too. But, who owns sharing for an organization that has been too busy keeping up with growth (and thankfully!) to be able to share of itself, to be able to engage in social media more deeply than tossing the occasional blade of grass on the wind, much less complete a much-need upgrade to its website?

Who manages it? Who drives it? Who … does it? At Core Creative, we asked for help.

We’ve been hard at work putting ourselves under the microscope we normally reserve for our clients. We’ve also been hard at work at putting a framework in place that’ll allow us to share of ourselves.

We have some amazing talents who have been doing amazing things. We have opinions. Sometimes we agree with conventional wisdom, sometimes it makes us want to throw a brick at our computer screens (or whatever device we’re using at a given moment to stay abreast of industry news – first screen!). We have discussions. We have a new café that can feel like an old salon, bursting at its seams with debate. Fortunately, we lack a certain Pablo Picasso shooting firearms into the ceiling in the one quiet corner.

And we wanted to share. We wanted to blog, react and have discussions. But to make it work the way we wanted, we knew we needed to enlist the help of our entire agency.

I went to this agency meeting and all I got was this lousy editorial calendar.

We did a lot more than just slap an editorial calendar on everyone’s desk and start assigning blog posts. Assignments inspire no one. And they only ever get done at the very last. Procrastination nation, people.

We met, shared an editorial calendar and set about offering an opportunity at ownership for everyone at our agency. The catch is that we didn’t assign tasks to people, we assigned opportunities based on areas of focus. We invited people to join teams based on those areas of focus, which are aligned with key services at our agency:

  • Brand development,
  • Design,
  • Digital,
  • Health care,
  • Public relations,
  • and we threw in Experience so we could share our personality and the culture we maintain.


We asked those teams to assemble, elect captains and conduct brainstorming sessions. Together, they’re developing topics based on trends, the focus in their careers and in their specific roles, and opinions they’ve developed along the way. Not because they have to, but because they want to. The captains, and all the team members, really, are holding each other accountable for developing content that is timely, relevant, reflective of our mission and is, hopefully, interesting. We’re not only continuing to educate each other along the way, we’re also having a little fun and connecting with coworkers we may not normally work with.

As an agency, we’ve given everyone a chance to contribute – a chance to say it, to prove we live our brand values and our brand promise.

As an agency, we’ve finally launched our hub – a socially active website to share our insight and a support system to hold ourselves accountable.

As an agency, we’re excited to introduce ourselves and get to know you.

Stay tuned to learn why we shifted our internal communications to Yammer and how we’re leveraging it to continue to foster an environment of open collaboration.



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