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April 15, 2019
Ward Alles CEO, Board of Directors Member

Do you know what’s music to an employer’s ears? Hearing a job candidate say, “I’ve heard about your company … and I’ve been dying to get in here.”

It took Core Creative nearly 25 years to build that kind of reputation, but that’s okay. Things that truly matter are worth working for.

In case you hadn’t heard, Core was recently recognized as one of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s 2019 Top Workplaces of Southeastern Wisconsin.

So why did we receive such an honor? And why have some prospective employees heard about our culture?

The truth is: we owe it all to our 65 employees. THEY are the ones who live our brand values every day. They embody the very concept of being selfless servant leaders. (Note: At an “ad agency”, it’s easy to let creative egos creep in. Not at Core. The TEAM comes first – and when you work here, you start to replace the word “I” with “We.” Fast!)

Forming a “we” culture was a key business and growth strategy of Core’s from the get-go. We believe people WANT TO excel together at work. (Who gets up every day hoping to be alone … or do mediocre work?) They simply need the conditions and the encouragement to do so.

In addition to solving our clients’ branding and business challenges together, our employees are empowered to improve our own operational processes at Core. Specifically, each of our employees is encouraged to join one of six cross-functional Culture Teams, designed to help their fellow employees:

  • Core Welcomes to successfully onboard new employees
  • Core Wellness to form healthy habits
  • Core Rewards & Recognition to acknowledge each others’ contributions
  • Core Gives to think of others in the community
  • Core Spaces to surround ourselves with the Core brand in our own office
  • Core Events to celebrate life and accomplishments together

You can see short videos about each of those teams and how we work together to build our culture here.

Indeed, engaging our employees to lead us makes us better and even helps us grow.

Finally this (and sorry if it sounds like a commercial message, but it kind of is):

We tell our clients and prospects that if you want to recruit, engage and retain high-performing talent, you need to clearly define your PURPOSE and your WAY of doing things … and let them execute from there.

We do the same at Core. And our Say It. Live It. philosophy clearly works.

After you’ve achieved that kind of brand and cultural alignment, it’s your job in ownership and management to promote all the great work your employees are doing. And if you’re lucky enough, accept a few nice “Top Workplace” honors on THEIR behalf along the way.

Thanks, Core, and congratulations! You amaze us every day.

Ward Alles is the President and Brand Consultant at Core Creative.


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