Brand building: the magic solution?

May 5, 2014
Sarah Fracek Senior Marketing Specialist

This video is the second in our series detailing our commitment to brand building and the success that follows. Our first, which you can watch here, explains how a creative campaign comes to life after the Brand Compass.

What’s the secret to building your brand? Lean in close … I have the answer. It’s not a grand secret, but it is something I wish more companies knew about. This one small step, if done well, can set your entire corporation off on the right path.

Sounds good, right? Can you see how a Brand Compass would benefit your organization?

At Core, our secret is called the Brand Compass. Others call it a “brand identity guide” or a “vision platform.” Call it what you will, it’s a document that outlines the platform on which your entire company stands, providing the foundation you need to make business decisions and develop creative campaigns to serve your business for years to come.

With the Brand Compass:

  • All of your marketing communications efforts will be aligned with your brand.
  • Your human resources decisions and internal communications will align with and support the vision for the corporation.
  • Your sales goals and objectives will be developed solely to support the vision you’ve laid out.
  • And … creativity will be laser-focused on serving your brand … at every touch point. 

A Brand Compass identifies the driving values, characteristics and mission for your business in one easy-to-digest document everyone in the company can read, agree on and understand. No matter their role in the company.

To accurately define and develop your brand, you need equal input from your employees, customers and C-Level. Our process makes it so you can better understand how your brand exists, allowing you to use it, make changes for improvement and mature your brand into a revenue-driving asset.

This video details how we helped Waterstone Mortgage Corporation understand their brand, complete a Brand Compass and develop programs – complete with an event launch in Las Vegas – to connect the brand throughout the entire organization.

Watch and you’ll learn how excited employees were to understand their brand and know they had a clear direction for their corporation … as well as a unified and assertive voice for future campaign development.

Call Ward Alles at 414-299-3950 or email Angi Krueger at and we’ll set up a personalized lunch and learn session to talk about the process, timeline, costs and how a Brand Compass can serve your organization. 


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