Connecting creatively to break through autism

December 6, 2016
Tom Sanders Director, Brand Strategy

Simply Connect. This was an idea we recently pitched. Those two basic words have been popping back into my head ever since.

Most recently, they came to mind as I was working with Islands of Brilliance, a non-profit organization that connects autistic children and young adults with the creative community.

In short, the program is built to find ways to connect with these kids on their terms. The program pairs each student with a creative mentor and is designed reach into the student’s world, engage, and help them communicate out to us; as opposed to trying to pull them into our world. (More on this concept can be found in a great TedX talk by IoB founder, Mark Fairbanks).

The results of the program have been nothing short of amazing. It builds socialization, confidence, and pride with its students (and often times, tears of joy with parents and mentors). All by simply connecting.

Simon Sinek asserts that great leaders create a safe environment. He then points out that if you get the environment right, each of us is capable of remarkable things. I can’t think of a more perfect way to describe this video, which captures the story of our Creative Director, Jerry Higgins and his friend, Will.

Thanks Jerry.

Tom Sanders is the Director of Brand Strategy at Core Creative.


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