Core Creative commits to achieving well city status

August 31, 2012
Patti Schauer Vice President, Finance / H.R.

We’re excited and honored to be a part of a group of employers helping Milwaukee work toward achieving Gold Status as a Well City – a city where a minimum of 20 percent of employers have developed and are participating in a wellness program. The program is organized locally by Well City Milwaukee, who are in turn a part of the national Wellness Council of America. Our membership in Well City Milwaukee not only helps move Milwaukee toward the goal of reaching Gold Status, it also provides a strong support for us as we work at building our own internal wellness program.

Studies have shown that as a workforce’s wellbeing improves, so does the overall community that workforce serves. And we, like many others, are committed to making Milwaukee great today and tomorrow.

Why do we want to be a part of this initiative? Ward, our president, often says, ‘healthy employees are happy, productive employees.’ That’s no great secret. Treating employees well is important, but so is making sure employees are treating themselves well. In today’s workplace, company wellness programs have become more than a perk or a trend. They are an important factor in the picture of a company’s overall health, and their overall success.

All of us at Core – partners, directors, and each of the newest additions we’ve made to our team – are doing our part to be a part of Well City and to help Milwaukee achieve Gold Status as a Well City. If we work together to cultivate a healthier environment in our own space, we can help nurture a healthier Milwaukee.

A few members of the team participate in Core’s wellness program by walking over the lunch hour.

As part of this commitment to Well City and developing our own wellness program, we created special events during the Olympics to allow employees to earn points toward additional vacation time. Our opening ceremonies included healthy snacks and meals that ideally represented personal heritage. We have also begun group walks throughout our new neighborhood (hello, Fifth Ward), encouraging climbing the stairs (7th floor, Milwaukee, gotta work for that view), and work on finding and selecting good, real and nutritious food options to encourage healthier eating. There are many measurable goals and rewards built into our program to hold ourselves accountable and provide incentives for participation in the program.

Core Creative is joining a wonderful list of organizations in Milwaukee who are taking their wellness seriously. Together, we’re developing new, healthier habits by making small changes in our daily routine that will greatly improve our health.

But why stop at 20 percent, Milwaukee?

Join us and a growing list of Milwaukee companies and organizations like Alverno College, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Independence First, Manpower, Marquette University, MGIC, Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative and Robert W. Baird, among others, who are committed to improving their wellness and helping lead Milwaukee toward Gold Status.

See if it’s right for your company by visiting the Well City Milwaukee website.

Does your business participate in a wellness program? What are some of the things you do, or some of the things you wish you’d do?


Patti is Core’s director of finance and human resources. She whips us into shape in more ways than one. Core’s nascent wellness program, and its wide acceptance and adoption by our employees is the work of both Patti and Christine Ruth, our accountant.