Core Exchange: three tips for interviewing patients on camera

May 3, 2016
Andrea Nordgren Content Director/Executive Producer

Core Exchange: Three Tips for Interviewing Patients on Camera


Andrea: Hi, I’m Andrea Nordgren, Content Director and Executive Producer here at Core. I want to share 3 critical things you need if you’re considering doing on-camera patient testimonials. If you’re a healthcare marketer or really any marketer, you already understand the value of video content and patient testimonials, so these 3 things will really help.

The first thing is a great story. I know that sounds obvious, but you really do need someone who is willing to share and has the time to give you. I’m not talking about that they need to be good on camera, it’s not about nervousness, it’s just really simply committing to giving you some time and really truly feeling passionate about your brand.

Now, behind the camera, you really need a great interviewer. You need somebody who understands how to listen for the things that will work in edit, but most importantly someone who is present with someone and can listen to their story and guide them and be true to their story in keeping it authentic.

The third thing is a practical thing, you need great sound. We can tend to be a little bit more forgiving if we don’t have perfect picture, but bad audio, not so good. People want to be able to hear what’s being said. Plan your gear and your location to try to find a place that’s not distracting and not a lot of extra noise in the background so you can get that clear audio. If you need to hire a producer, even if you have a lower budget or you’re thinking this isn’t a super high production value, that person can help you with a smaller production.


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