Do your employees “get” your brand promise?

August 14, 2012
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

Today, I read this great article from GALLUP Business Journal with study results on brand alignment. Bottom line, companies who don’t take the time to align their employees around a single, compelling brand promise suffer “a big miss.”

What struck me? Two things.

  1. Was a bit surprised that companies in the service industries (financial, health care, hospitality) scored so low in brand promise knowledge. In such companies, the people ARE the product. If they don’t know or deliver on the brand promise, who will?
  2. Even when the brand promise has been clearly defined, it often hasn’t been engrained throughout the entire organization.

The comments that top executives knew their brand promise, but the rank and file front-liners didn’t, clearly underscores the need to communicate and motivate your customer-facing employees (your primary target audience for internal branding!). Finally, if companies are having a hard time communicating the core of their band identity down to the front line, two questions arise in my mind:

  1. Is the brand promise truly compelling on an emotional level – because that’s what gets people’s attention? And …
  2. Was it even made relevant to the employee and his or her specific job in the first place?

What would happen if your employees were aligned around a single, compelling brand promise? How would your business change? What would it look like to your employees and to your customers?



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