Your agency relationship should be a torrid romance …

February 14, 2018
Rich Vetrano Vice President, Managing Partner

… (it’s not as strange as you’d think).

The qualities you look for in a marketing partner are actually quite similar to what you want from a love interest. You may not have considered it, but you should. When you find the right partner, your relationship can deliver all the thrills of a teenage crush, while also providing something deeper, something lasting. Consider the characteristics of an ideal romance, and if your agency doesn’t measure up, consider making a change.


At the most basic level, you need your agency to be capable, confident, reliable and informed. If you can’t count on your partner for these things, it can be a relationship full of drama for all the wrong reasons.

Sex Appeal.

Hey, you’re human. If you’re honest with yourself, you can admit that all things considered, you’d prefer to work with an agency that knows how to provide a little sizzle. It’s not wrong to want a relationship that’s exciting, always new and keeps you guessing. You deserve that.


It’s what keeps you going long after the first flirtations are a distant memory. You’re a person of real substance, and your agency relationship must deliver the goods. You need a partner who shares your values, who really understands you and can fulfill your emotional needs.


Life is short, and a sense of humor goes a long way. Shouldn’t your agency be easy to live with?


There’s nothing worse than a relationship that’s purely transactional. Your mom taught you better. Don’t settle for a partner that isn’t someone who is present, who really listens. You need true partnership (including sometimes, the tension of tough love). When things get real, an honest partner may challenge you from time to time. There must be a commitment to your “family” too. It’s a package deal.


It may be a little superficial, but it’s always nice if your partner makes you look good by being awesome.

See? You probably never realized how much you needed your agency to step up to that next level of intimacy. It just makes sense. As with any relationship, you should expect a lot from your marketing partner. Then you can say to them, “You … complete me.”


Rich Vetrano is Managing Partner at Core Creative, a branding agency that specializes in telling the life-changing stories for mid-market healthcare systems and the emerging med-tech world. 


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