Core Creative: one of Milwaukee’s “Fastest Growing Firms”

August 26, 2014
Angi Krueger Vice President, Marketing/Business Development
Angi Krueger and Ward Alles accept the award on behalf of Core Creative. Photo by Scott Paulus.

MILWAUKEE (August 26, 2014) – Core Creative, Inc., a Milwaukee-based branding firm, has once again been named among southeastern Wisconsin’s Fastest Growing Firms for consecutive years of growth by The Milwaukee Business Journal. The agency was recognized because of its 52.21 percent growth rate since 2011, good for one of the 30 best rates in southeastern Wisconsin.

“The relationships we have with our long-term clients, as well as the addition of some exciting new clients, is really what’s responsible for our growth,” said Ward Alles, president, Core Creative. “We are thankful for the wonderful clients we have and the work we get to do with them, as they truly are the reason we have been able to add 17 new employees since the beginning of 2013. We can’t wait to see where we go from here.”

Alles cited the agency’s concentration on developing fully integrated brand alignment marketing plans as a key to its growth. “2011 was a turning point for our agency,” said Alles. “We saw an opportunity to take our expertise with internal brand development and show how those services align with external campaigns. Taking our unique Say it. Live it.™ brand development process and combining it with our robust strategic marketing, creative and public relations services has helped not only ourselves, but our clients, to go from strength to strength.”

Through its Say it. Live it.™ branding process, Core Creative helps its clients define their brand promise for both their customers and their employees. Core Creative is focused on practicing what it preaches; asking its employees to live the brand for its clients and with each other. The result is an employee base and culture solely focused on delivering exceptional strategic and creative services to its clients in a selfless, “whatever-it-takes” package.

“We call it our ‘WE’ culture,” said Alles. “It’s our guiding principle using teamwork to nurture meaningful, long-lasting employee and client relationships.”

To learn more about the process the agency uses to serve its clients, read this article – How to Align Your Brand – from Alles.


Founded in 1994, Core Creative, Inc., offers a full range of integrated marketing communications, advertising and public relations services to leading brands and health care systems. Core’s Say It. Live It. branding process develops both external and internal strategies to foster total brand alignment – evaluating your brand from an intangible idea to a revenue-driving asset. Clients include Milwaukee Electric Tool, Verizon Wireless, School Specialty, BuySeasons and The Valley Health System. Core Creative is located at 600 W. Virginia St., Suite 700 in Milwaukee’s Fifth Ward. Additional information on the agency can be found at or by contacting Ward Alles at (414) 299-3946 or Follow Core Creative on Twitter. Find Core Creative on Facebook.


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