Celebrating client relationships: Say it. Live it. Fear it.

October 15, 2013
Dana Carpenter Director, Marketing Communications

we |wē|
pronoun [ first person plural ]   1. used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together : shall we have a drink?

It’s really a simple word, isn’t it? “We.” So many times in this industry, people say they have a true partnership with their clients, but rarely mean it. Not us, not Core Creative.

Hell, it’s even written on our walls. It’s a philosophy that not only extends to our professional client relationships, but a personal relationships too. Once upon a time, a potential client asked us what we look for in a client relationship. The answer was quick and simple, “Someone we can order Chinese food with.” A partner we can not only be in the trenches with, but have a good time with along the way. The work we do can always speak for itself, but it’s our WE philosophy that speaks to the heart of who we really are as an agency.

When we embarked on a new relationship with BuySeasons, and one of their divisions BuyCostumes.com, we thought what better way to celebrate the new relationship and get to know each other than by going through a haunted house together. Though a sponsorship with one of the nation’s scariest haunts, the Wisconsin Fear Grounds, we embarked on a night we won’t soon forget.

We laughed. We cried. Charles may have tinkled. We believe in transparency and humility, and this video proves it.

Oh, and if we ever get the chance to work together, I’m a spicy cashew chicken and Leine’s kinda gal.

Dana Carpenter is a PR and marketing strategist at Core. Follow her on Twitter @DanaNCarpenter.


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