How can brand alignment increase productivity?

September 25, 2013
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

Every organization can benefit from increasing productivity in any number of places throughout its business. The smallest touches of an internal brand can have a large impact on the customer experience or the bottom line.

Business owners and leaders know it. But how do they do it? How do you get an employee – in any discipline – to give that extra one percent that increases productivity, and how do you make it happen from the front door to the top of the tower?

It starts with engaging your entire workforce – yes, including your physicians – in fulfilling your organization’s brand promise. When you do, you’re on your way to knocking down the next domino … that is … increased productivity and performance.

Think about it.

When you define the expectations of a workforce and focus everyone’s attention on one primary goal or philosophy, you are setting them up for success. You’ve established the rules of the game – and the measurement of “excellence.”

You’ve given them a target.

Tell your employees specifically what you want (for example, increased patient satisfaction scores as a result of addressing behavior X or process Y), equip them with the tools and opportunities to improve, recognize their accomplishments, and you’ll see most people meet and even exceed your expectations. And soon, that level of engagement in your mission will increase your productivity.

Doctors, nurses and hospital/clinic administrators are no different.

Show everyone in your organization why living the brand promise makes you all, collectively, a “winner”, and you’ll get more and more of the productivity you want. That’s total brand alignment in action.
Ward began his advertising career as a copywriter, working for two of Wisconsin’s leading business-to-business agencies. In 1994, Ward helped form Core Creative with his two partners. At Core, he originally served as an account executive and copywriter. As Core grew, Ward moved on to his current administrative role as president. While he still provides brand consultation and strategy to a handful of accounts directly, his primary goal now is to help guide the agency’s direction and business development efforts. Connect with Ward on LinkedIn or drop him an email at


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