How do you forge a social media relationship?

January 11, 2013
Colin Deval Senior Communications Strategist

Are you taking advantage of social media to share opportunities for your audience to connect with your brand … and be welcomed into a wider circle of trust?

In today’s world, we have an incredible opportunity.

We can build a personal, trusted and respected connection with a brand before we make a decision on a big purchase or a life-impacting choice like health care services, picking a company we want to work for or selecting an educator.

Part of that isn’t new. Savvy marketers have worked to build messaging and brands to hit that target ever since someone stepped back and said, “Hang on, what if we …”

What is new is the opportunity for consumers – of goods, services, lifestyles, employment, legacies, promises – to welcome brands into our circle of trust through social media as it manifests itself across our own personal digital landscape. That is, the tools we use, the connections we choose, and the circle of trust we turn to and are influenced by. Social media is immediate. Social media is resonant. Social media leaves a mark. It has heart, it has power, it is shared, it is story, it has values and it is personal.

And it brings people back for more.

Word-of-mouth marketing is very much user-driven. If the user wants to share he or she will share. Still, much of that depends on the opportunities an organization presents those users – their audience – to connect with its brand. Developing points of connection and expressing the values and purpose that drives your organization creates a pulsing web that turns a digital experience into a personal user experience. Tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, content-driven websites and whatever else will be invented tomorrow are not merely broadcast outlets. They are personal.

  • They are opportunities to build that personal, trusted and respected connection between brand and audience.
  • They are opportunities to build a connection between your values, and those who share your values.
  • They are opportunities for the brand to capitalize on that particularly resonant strength of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • They are opportunities to enter the circle of trust we all maintain in the digital world.
  • They are opportunities to extend your circle of trust.

Recognize all of the opportunities people have to reach out and touch you. To connect and communicate with you. For you to share with them. And for you to work together to build a common bond … so they care. And so they come back.

Do so, and you will build lasting digital relationships, be welcomed into ever-greater circles of trust and strengthen your brand.
Colin is a PR specialist and social media strategist at Core Creative. Follow Colin on Twitter @colindeval.



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