HIPAA and trolls and swears, oh my!

July 27, 2017
Beth Crivello-Wagner Vice President, Brand Services

Your simple guide for knowing when it’s okay to delete a social post

If I had a nickel for every time a client asked if they could delete a comment posted to their organization’s Facebook page, I would have enough money for … well … a Big Roast Beef meal from Arby’s.

But really, that’s a lot of nickels. Point being, as a communications professional responsible for managing online ecosystems for clients, I’ve had to make important decisions about what user-posted content can stay, and what can be appropriately removed.

As a rule of thumb – and to the dismay of some clients – most content must remain.

Like it or not, social media is an open and SOCIAL community that calls for both the good and the bad. But there are occasions that call for deletion.

The following is a simple and illustrative guide detailing when it’s okay – and when it’s not okay – to delete a post, comment or review.


Recently, Sprout Social published a survey to gauge the behaviors consumers want the most from brands. Honest, friendly and helpful took the top spots, while snarky, politically correct and trendy held up the bottom.

Keep that in mind as you determine how to best engage and communicate with your audiences. Your social media properties are an open and positive forum for sharing, communicating and being social. Even your silent community members are watching and will make decisions about your brand based upon the way you engage with people both on and offline.

Beth Crivello-Wagner is the Vice President of Brand Services at Core Creative.


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