Our commitment to education and building expertise

February 27, 2014
Beth Crivello-Wagner Vice President, Brand Services

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Did you see that? I quoted Yeats!

Okay, so I am not going to pretend to be uber deep with a vast entity of literary wisdom. I found this on BrainyQuotes. But the sentiment is right on, and one we vehemently agree with here at Core. In fact, we fan the flames of education as a matter of being. We truly believe without continual learning you wither faster than iceberg lettuce on a hot BLT. (Deep, right?)

Several years ago, we made a commitment to continued education by adopting a policy that all employees are provided an annual stipend for ongoing learning and development. Last year, we even fine-tuned our structure to be one that is more focused on specialization, allowing and encouraging all team members to learn, develop and grow in the areas they are passionate about.

Why? Because building upon our individual talents and knowledge is important to our clients and us. When someone comes to Core looking for a partner invested in elevating brands, they expect thoughtful counsel, understanding and expertise that is not only current, but predictive. Our industry is in a stage of rapid growth and change, and it is our job to not only keep up, but also get ahead of the curve. Our clients also expect us to know their business and be able to sit at the planning table as an informed colleague, not an intern. The only way to build our expertise is through continual learning and investment in our own intellect.

That spirit is driving this year’s mission of “leveling up.”

While we will continue to provide our employees with education and development, we are committing to sharing that knowledge – not just with one another, but also with you. When our people attend a conference, seminar or webinar, or even read a book (business relevant, not the Twilight series), we will share our learning through the articles we publish here on the Core website. What’s more, we’re going to track our collective learning and investment as we work toward an agency-wide commitment. And we’ll track that progress for all of you to see.

Join us as we share our educational journey this year. That’s 44 employees exploring the latest in web development, user experience design, healthcare marketing, tapping creativity, social media strategies and software, education marketing, brand strategy development and much, much more.

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