Live beyond the click with your digital ad campaign

September 20, 2013
Sarah Richmond-Basedow Media Strategist

If you measure a successful online ad campaign by the number of click throughs or the campaign’s click through rate, we should talk. A click can give us some measurement of how users are responding to your ad, but it does not give the full picture.


For one, it’s entirely possible a majority of those clicks come from your 5-year old or a cat walking across a keyboard. There are some rather shocking stats about the hollow nature of display advertising.

The key is to remember relying solely on a click on your ad to measure the success of your marketing efforts does you a disservice.

An online ad is a first step into which you should build motivations or opportunities for your audience to take action so you may collect metrics that truly give you a picture of the health of your campaign. Once you have their attention, you better have a plan for what you’re going to do with it, and how you can measure it.

If you’re starting a digital ad campaign, live beyond the click and consider developing your ad to capture deeper metrics like:

  1. The time they spent on your site. Gather information on how they got to your site, assess the value of your content and the motivators beyond their ultimate action.
  2. The action they take. What is it you want your audience to do when they click on your ad? A simple click should not demonstrate success alone. If you provide a clear call-to-action and can measure that activity after they’ve made the click through tracking metrics, you know you’ve been successful. Are you losing your sale before they can click to purchase? That may indicate there is something wrong with your landing page. Conversion tracking can shed light on user activity. These metrics should be used to monitor and manage your online campaign.
  3. Have they registered, signed-up or connected with social channels? How many times have you heard “Content is King” lately? While it’s true the content we generate for our audiences is a valuable part of the marketing mix, connecting your audience to that content gives the King (or Queen, mind) considerable power. If you have opportunities to connect with your audiences through social channels, integrate social media into your campaign. Your ads can work to support your social channels and your content, creating an opportunity for your audience to develop and support your brand. Don’t let ads or social media exist as separate tactics.
  4. Conversions. Are you running an online campaign to generate sales or leads or collect data? Through working with our digital team, we can track the path and behavior your customer takes, and identify if the sales, phone calls, orders or requests for more information are coming as a result of your online campaign.

So don’t just think beyond the click through … live beyond the click through. Ask yourself what actions you want your customer to take and consider how “whiz bang” creative and a “hook, line and sinker” call-to-action will engage and motivate your audience. With additional metrics, built in from the four points we’ve discussed, you’ll be able to understand how precisely your marketing actions are impacting your business.

After all, we’re here to work with you to develop a campaign that hits your specific business objectives … and utilizes creativity to get you there. So, when you stop and say, “we need an online ad campaign,” we’ll work with you to clearly define your goals. And that helps our creative team develop an ad that is bang on target for your needs. Simply measuring clicks isn’t enough.

Develop additional opportunities for your audience to take action and measure how they’re doing it.

Expect that of your agency and you can expect more of your campaign.

Questions? Want to learn more? I’m Sarah Richmond – call or email me and we can get started on a consultation at 414-299-3973 or
Sarah Richmond is Core Creative’s media strategist.  She served as a media planner and buyer for nearly 10 years at two other Milwaukee-based marketing agencies. She has served clients in a number of industries including entertainment, higher education, athletics and health care. She has managed multi-million dollar campaigns and has developed strategies for optimizing placement regardless of budget size. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SRichMedia.



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