Branding news: industry insights in April

April 30, 2014
Irina Finley Assistant Marketing & Media Specialist

Last month, we started sharing our monthly collection of industry insights. One-stop shop for marketing news that rises to the top each month. Since then, Core employees have been on a hash-tagging rampage.

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We’ve been sharing a lot of articles about social media and consumer engagement. Here’s what we’ve found this month:

Facebook’s News Feed: What changed and why

So you logged into Facebook today and everything looks different. From more brand content to less “spammy” links, here is the list of what Facebook is adding and removing.


Look at your phone during TV Ads? Expect to see the same message there.

Imagine sitting on your couch and seeing a delicious ad for a restaurant and thinking to yourself, “Where is the closest location?” Xaxis’ new Sync product has the solution. Advertisers will have the ability to serve ads on mobile devices when their TV runs the same ad. Sync will take an educated guess about which household is their client’s targeted audience. Although this is not an exact science and Xaxis can’t know exactly if the intended audience is watching, the company has seen improved click-through rates in the Netherlands, where Sync is currently live. Find out how it works.


Google Now and Cortana are the future, not Siri

They’re saying Google’s new “Google Now” and Microsoft’s, “Cortana” are going to give Apple’s “Siri” a run for their money. These new contextual and predictive technologies will be able to gather information from your phone and anticipate what important information you will need — you don’t even need to search for it. Find out how it works.


What if everything you know about Social Media Marketing is wrong?

Brand reach is exploding on social media. But are brands doing it right? Thoroughly planning your social media campaign before it launches can significantly improve your brand value. Find out how.


Cafes unite to support Parkinson’s Awareness Week

Creativity can manifest itself in incredible ways once you’ve taken the time to identity your audience and their needs. Find it here.


40 Impossibly Creative Advertisements

The ideas you wish you thought of — creative Inspirations for print and outdoor. Check them out.


Neymar planned Alves’ banana eating anti-racist protest

Soccer players planned a marketing campaign to fight against racism. Their subtle, creative approach went viral — globally. Check it out here.


What do you think? Do you think advertisers will have too much information on you? Would you want to be targeted through your mobile device while watching commercials? Let us know your thoughts!

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