Branding news: industry insights from November

November 26, 2014
Irina Finley Assistant Marketing & Media Specialist

Time for your roundup of the industry articles that jumped out at us this fall. Feel the trend? Content begets engagement, which begets data, which begets proof of how your campaigns are serving your needs.

The big word to remember? Participation.

29 Eye-Tracking Heatmaps Reveal Where People Really Look

Technology’s capabilities surprise us every day. As marketers, we want to know how ads are performing and we research what will work for our audiences. Now, we can track how people actually physically see our ads with eye-tracking technology … and it’s pretty fascinating. Check it out.

This image shows “banner blindness,” revealing a potential problem with banner ads.

10 Marketing Predictions for 2015

What’s next? We saw a lot of content/data driven marketing as well as a better understanding of how social media platforms can serve your goals. What are the trends that will continue to grow stronger and what will prove unsuccessful? Where will you invest your marketing dollars?

14 Things I’ve Learned About Content Curation In Social Media

How well do you know how to curate content on social media? Are you convinced that just posting and retweeting is reaching your audience? Well, its not that simple, but here are a few tips on how to curate content with purpose.

20 Years of Digital Advertising From Banner Ads to Sponsored Snapchats

A landmark birthday

We have come a long way from the debut of search ads, banner ads and of course Napster. Follow this timeline to see how digital advertising has grown over the years.

WTF are time-based metrics?

Selling based on time readers spend on their site instead of clicks to a page? Where will advertisers come in? When will we start focusing more on time metrics? Find out here!

Creativity for the Digital Age in Six Minutes

Edward Boches, professor of advertising at Boston University, distills everything we need to know about “how to be creative” to three key points: make surprising combos, ask what you can do, learn how things work. It’s not about seeking out creative ideas that establish a message. It’s about creative ideas that construct an experience. That creates an entirely new opportunity for participatory creative generates a lot of metrics along the way. Move your audience through an experience that will serve your goals.

When a Competitor Was Caught Upselling, This Grocery Chain Had the Perfect Response

Lidl U.K did a great job of taking an embarrassing situation for one grocery store, and repositioning it into beneficial signage at their stores. This didn’t only score bonus points for their customer service, but also a home run when it comes to positive impressions of the store chain in the grocery industry.

Capturing Account Switchers Across Channels

A recent study highlights several shifts in consumer mindset, research patterns, bank selection influences and more when it comes to consumer bank-shopping. Maybe it’s time for a change in bankers’ thinking. This means jumping into a game of “always-on” branding that keeps your bank constantly in the consideration set.

Why Some video Ads Show Up in the Darkest Corners of the Internet

Do you know where your video ads will turn up? There are definitely places you don’t want them to pop up and you need to be aware of them. Know where your ads will show up and how to track them to avoid that PR disaster.

Do these articles spark any ideas? Let us know. Let’s see what we can come up with together. 


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