Taking a multi-faceted approach to physician and nursing recruitment

July 19, 2016
Sarah Richmond-Basedow Media Strategist

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great healthcare systems across the United States.

  • Sometimes the campaign goal is about building brand awareness.
  • Sometimes it’s about promoting specific service lines.
  • And other times, it’s about recruiting physicians and nurses.

I enjoy all three types of campaigns, but I find GREAT personal satisfaction in helping recruit the right kinds of medical professionals to the right employment opportunities and brands.

Physician and nurse recruitment requires niche-advertising efforts and non-traditional approaches. It’s a challenge, to be sure, but it’s so worth the investment and rewarding when you reach and attract the right people.

But “how” exactly do you reach these busy medical professionals? And how do you know your investment is really working?

There isn’t just ONE WAY, of course. As it is with most advertising these days, physician recruitment requires a multi-faceted media selection and purchasing approach. So let’s break them down a bit.


Facet #1

Working with physician networks or physician recruitment sites is a great place to start. There are many other strong players in this space like Doximity, PracticeLink and PracticeMatch, to name just a few.

Doximity, for instance, has over half a million U.S. clinicians in its network, boasting over 60 percent U.S. doctors as verified members. Physicians have to claim their profiles, which is kind of a cool way to get them to sign up.

Additionally, Doximity posts literature updates curated by clinical interest so the site/service offers more than just job postings. And finally, Doximity DocNews provides ways to earn Category 1 CME’s at no cost.

Take time to explore these online doc recruitment sites and understand your options.

Some best practices:

  • Work with networks and recruitment sites where:
    • You can target by region, license and practice.
    • You can leverage medical association partnerships
    • You can get physician contact information and have the ability to send personalized messages and contact physicians directly


Facet #2

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a social media presence. Integrate social networking into every one of your job postings. In particular, make sure your healthcare system is active on LinkedIn and use the service called Talent Solutions. You can request a demo here: https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/cx/2016/5/contact-us-pm


Facet #3

Be creative! Run and test many ads and posts to see what is getting you the most engagement and qualified leads. Keep it fresh. Here’s a fun LinkedIn ad we ran for Owensboro Health in Owensboro, Kentucky.


Facet #4

PLEASE make sure your postings and ads are mobile optimized. According to Recruitment Advisor, “5 Things Doctors Look for in a Job Board,” (an article posted August 22, 2014 … so you know it’s even more relevant today as people have become more and more reliant on their smart phones):

“Physicians are particularly reliant on smart technology, and aren’t interested in wasting time with sites that lack fast and efficient responsive design. In fact, a recent survey found that approximately 63 percent of doctors are interested in using their mobile devices to search for available jobs. Failure to offer mobile options will send these value-seeking doctors elsewhere”.


Facet #5

And finally, make sure you have designated staff to follow up and track potential candidates. As you know, it is often a long courtship process, taking up to 6 months or more. Without people to nurture these “leads” and build relationships with your healthcare system, you are wasting your money.

Bottom line, doctors are people too. They are looking for the best opportunities for themselves and their families. It’s our jobs to relate to them. Human connection is what you need throughout the recruitment process and at every touch point. But especially when it’s time to close the deal.

So get out there – really be everywhere – with your recruitment marketing efforts. It’s a brave new world and there are plenty of ways to attract and retain talent to keep your competitive edge.


Sarah Richmond-Basedow is a media strategist at Core Creative.



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