PR: a look back

January 25, 2013
Beth Crivello-Wagner Vice President, Brand Services

I was raised on public relations. My days consisted of writing press releases, reading articles, faxing alerts (yes, faxing), assembling press kits and of course, hitting the phones. My job was to build relationships with the media. I did lunches. I did desk sides. I scanned paper upon paper to keep up with the news and the reporters generating the content. Fast-forward to today’s PR professional. The role is the same – to build and maintain strong relationships – but thanks to technology and evolving communication, the game has changed more than the faces of the stars on Cougar Town.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Grab your nude nylons and let’s go!

Did I miss anything? Reminisce with me on the way things were in the comments section. Or let us know what your favorite thing is about the way things are today!

PR: A look back

Beth is Core’s Vice President of Brand Services. She is also a top-level PR strategist with close to 20 years of experience developing and managing strategic marketing communications campaigns.


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