Brand ambassadors in action

July 23, 2012
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

We have 30 people at Core. Scratch that. We have 30 brand ambassadors at Core.

How does that make me feel? To be honest, the first word that comes to mind is “relieved.” The second is “pumped.”

This past week as Core has launched its new site, you’ve seen inspiring posts from:

What you’re witnessing is the spirit of the Core brand in action. Employees so engaged in their careers … that THEY’RE the ones leading both our clients and our agency boldly into the future. THEY’RE the ones helping us say it and live it for ourselves.

Why is that a big deal? Because we’re really putting into practice what we preach. No, really!

It’s not just “feel good” philosophy stuff. Our people are the ones who helped discover, define and develop our Core brand – and now THEY’RE the ones executing it in their jobs every day. This new Core site – and the wave of blog posts about to come from all corners of our agency – are proof positive.

So why do I say “relieved?”

A burden has been removed – or at least shared. As the agency’s president and primary pitchman, my sales team just went from 1 to 30. We have 29 more people invested in the agency’s success on a daily basis.

Why do I say “pumped”?

I love seeing brand alignment work. It’s like a long series of dominos getting knocked down:

  • Engaging your employees leads to employee satisfaction,
  • Employee satisfaction leads to employee productivity,
  • Employee productivity leads to client satisfaction,
  • Client satisfaction leads to client retention.

Can brand alignment work for you?

We spent all of last week talking about ourselves. It’s not about us, though. It’s about building brands through people.

Can you get your employees so engaged with your brand that they bring you “relief” … so they energize YOU, make you feel “pumped”? What have you done in the past to build on-brand behaviors and connect your team to your brand promise? What are you doing now? What might you do in the future? Let’s have a conversation and find out.


Come in and think with us – two hours – no charge. We’ll discuss what steps you could take right now to help your organization say it and live it so you can achieve Total Brand Alignment.

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