“WE” have pride in our client relationships

July 9, 2012
Beth Crivello-Wagner Vice President, Brand Services

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is no I in team?”

If you haven’t, you may need to call your doctor because you are likely suffering from memory loss. If you have, then you understand the idea behind teamwork and how it requires true collaboration.

At Core we take the team concept a step further, including bringing our clients in the mix. It’s an approach to working that is referred to as WE, truly working as an extension of our client’s team, collaborating for the long term and investing ourselves in our client relationships rather than just servicing an account. We put in the time necessary (off the clock), to engrain ourselves to become not just a solid member of our client’s team, but an invaluable MVP. At the core of WE is valued, strategic thinking as opposed to order-taking and “yes” responses.

As we worked to identify who we are, what we do for our clients and why we do it, the idea of WE is one we kept coming back to.

In my 12 plus years at Core, I have worked with several clients, many of whom remain on the client roster today. And I truly believe the reason these relationships remain is because of the incredible investment we make to not only understand our clients’ business, but also align ourselves with the internal client team members to embrace their goals, the organization’s culture, vision and values, and the nuances only an internal team can grasp and uphold. We invest ourselves for the long haul and earn our seat at the table.

The benefits of WE for the agency are obvious …

By establishing and nurturing these strong relationships, the more we are able to continue to serve in a wide capacity, working to build campaigns that integrate a number of our services, and maintain business, from brand development to design services, internal communications campaigns and public relations.

But what does it do for the client?

When we have a fully developed partnership with our clients, we’re more likely to serve them in a multitude of ways to strengthen their message, their brand and, ultimately, their business.

From deeper partnership, we build deeper understanding. It provides a high level of efficiency, eliminating the need for ramp-up time on projects. It also provides clients with the peace of mind that their agency “gets” them and is there for them. Our clients know we’ll come to the table not only with aligned and strategic solutions, but fresh ones that may challenge internal perspective, without being ego driven. Collaboration works toward a desired goal together, whereas an “us and them” approach is a risky gamble that may or may not get you where you want to go.

Embracing WE

In my time with Core, I have received many compliments, but none more cherished than being referred to as a client’s security blanket. I love this simply because I know I am a valued member of my client’s team and can be trusted to execute well on their behalf. And how did I earn this title? By embracing WE.

It’s what we strive for from our first introduction. And we think it’s the best way to get work done and breed success.