Share a plate: donate to Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee

November 21, 2014
Colin Deval Senior Communications Strategist

Did you know that four out of every 10 children in Milwaukee go to bed hungry every night?

4 out of 10.

Nearly 50 percent of the children in our great city aren’t getting enough to eat, much less enough nutrition to keep going every day and stay healthy. 14 percent of the seniors in Milwaukee are living in poverty. Milwaukee is significantly above the national and statewide averages in poverty. In 2011-12, there were nearly 30,000 participants in daily breakfast programs through Milwaukee Public Schools. This summer, Kohl’s served more than 222,000 meals through its Supper for Kids program … that covers more than 100 sites around the city. There is a need. And it’s greater than many of us realize.

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When you see those numbers it makes you want to take action.

This week, we launched “Share A Plate” to spur people in our city – individuals who, together, can make a difference – to participate in a campaign that provides support for Hunger Task Force. People take pictures of their meals every day. Meals. Sunsets. Themselves. Blurry concerts. Cats. Kids. But mostly food. We figured, let’s ask each other to share those plates of food with #ShareAPlate and make a $10 donation to Hunger Task Force at

It’s so simple.

Eating a meal? Share it with #ShareAPlate on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Visit to make a donation and learn more about the work Hunger Task Force does to keep serving meals to those who are just like you and me, but less fortunate. Neighbors. Friends. Coworkers. Milwaukeeans.

Hunger Task Force does a significant amount of fundraising from corporate leadership in Milwaukee (Harley-Davidson, Kohl’s, Northwestern Mutual and more). That’s great and necessary. Long may it continue, but beyond the occasional donation of a non-perishable item at collections, there’s a good chance the rest of us aren’t thinking about it.

Particularly when we’re sharing picture after picture of our meals with social media.

This isn’t a permanent fix, but it’s an action we can take – together – to take part in a mission with an organization that does incredible work around our community. In times of emergency, they are there. At holidays, they are there. For the young and the old, they are there. On a daily basis, they are there. Hunger Task Force is free and it’s local.

Get involved with us. Visit, make a donation and the next time you decide to share a picture of a meal, #ShareAPlate to keep it going.

Together, we can make an impact.


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