“Sharing It” is good for business.

December 16, 2015
Beth Crivello-Wagner Vice President, Brand Services

Corporate giving is good for business. For Core, giving back is part of our culture. Now it’s part of our brand, with the launch of our brand extension service line “Share It”. As a program that extends Core Creative’s unique approach to brand development – “Say It. Live It. Share It.” – Share It drives a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that integrate directly into a client’s brand. Core is “sharing it” by donating $100,000 worth of in-kind services to five Southeastern Wisconsin non-profits, all nominated by Core clients that have a passion for the work these organizations do in our community.

Core’s executive leadership and CoreGives team, which drives our own CSR programming, marked the launch of this initiative with a presentation that welcomed these organizations into the Core family:

  • The Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO)
  • Donna Lexa Art Centers
  • Meta House
  • HEAR Wisconsin
  • Just One More Ministry

Share It is an important connecting branch between what a brand stands for and how it serves others. It is reflective of Core’s own culture of giving that takes the form of CoreGives – a committee dedicated to organizing activities for agency staff to give time and resources back to the community. Core lives by “Say It. Live It. Share It.” Now, we are inviting our clients to do so along with us.

Learn more about the organizations Core is “sharing it” with:

HALO, nominated by Modine Manufacturing, is Racine County’s only full-service homeless shelter serving men, women and children. Their mission is to provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for those experiencing homelessness in Racine County. HALO has helped over 2,200 adults return to stable housing with enough income and savings to support themselves. As a leadership organization, HALO works with the community to identify and address the root causes of poverty and homelessness. The organization collaborates with over 90 area agencies to coordinate support services for their clients to succeed.

Donna Lexa Art Centers, nominated by ProHealth Care, serve adults and teens with cognitive and physical disabilities, as well as individuals with mental health concerns. Their mission is to promote creativity, dignity and community for people with special needs through art. The services at Donna Lexa provide life-enriching opportunities for adults and teens with special needs to express themselves visually, to increase social connections, to make independent decisions and to build self-esteem.

Meta House, nominated by Dohmen, provides an array services to assist women and mothers dealing with substance abuse. Meta House is recognized as one of the first residential treatment facilities in the country designed to specifically treat women, as well as allow children to reside in their facilities while their mothers receive services. In addition to substance abuse treatment, Meta House provides: parenting education and hands-on coaching; prevention and intervention services for the children of the mothers we serve and services to address income, employability, basic skills of daily living, mental and physical health and trauma resolution.

HEAR Wisconsin, nominated by Verizon, helps infants, children and adults with hearing loss eliminate communication and language barriers through personalized services, technology and education. HEAR Wisconsin serves individuals throughout the state and is the only agency in Wisconsin that offers a full range of services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals of all ages. These services include speech therapy and instructions, a full service audiology clinic, access to assistive technology products, sign language classes and professional sign language interpreting services.

 Just One More Ministry, nominated by the Seibert Foundation, rescues and repackages prepared food, fresh produce, and bakery from caterers, grocers, bakers and food vendors, that is then redistributed to feed the poor and disadvantaged in the Greater Milwaukee area. Their main goal is to provide meals that are easy to individuals to heat and serve. In addition to their food services, Just One More also provides comfort and support to those dealing with addiction through their Celebrate Recovery program.


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