Stronger Together: Strategic, creative and technical digital marketing expertise

November 13, 2018
Colin Deval Senior Communications Strategist

We put the right pieces in place to build stronger digital marketing solutions for our clients

It takes the right mix – clear strategic insight, proven creative excellence and bottomless technical expertise to deliver successful digital marketing solutions.

For Core, getting a digital project right demands tight process, intricate planning, rapid-fire execution and putting the right pieces into play to ensure our clients get exactly what they need … business-building (smart use of budget), problem-solving (big, new ideas), opportunity-meeting (savvy technology integration) solutions, with a heavy dose of the confidence (creative that knocks your socks off) that comes from knowing you made the right decision.

This summer, we announced our acquisition of GS Design, a digital agency with years of experience and awards in its closet. While we got to work together right away, we’ve spent the last few months integrating our processes and procedures with our ideas and imaginations. Now, we want to introduce you to our new team members, and how they are working with some of our veterans to find the right tools to build and design incredible and intuitive digital experiences.

You need the right pieces, just as much as we do. Here’s who we are, Core Creative, integrated digital marketing agency.

Chris Walker, Marisa Greco, Tracey Huebner

The client engagement team constitutes the backbone of our focus on WE with our clients. Marisa has five years of experience at the helm of digital campaign development. She knows how to solve problems before they arise and she knows how create smooth experiences for clients, especially when that project just needs to get done. Marisa adds valuable expertise to the ‘just-a-call-away’ mentality of our team of professionals like Chris and Tracey.

Jordan Bauer, Tom Easter

Jordan Bauer is our newest software engineer. He’s a web developer whose ability to listen and understand how it all works, means the miles and miles of code that comprise our clients’ digitals projects reaches customers as an easy-to-use experience. It takes a special vision to get it right, but when solutions are planned and needs are identified, Jordan, and others on our team like Tom, is ready to act.

Nicole Odekirk, Jen Galassini, Laura Launstein

Strategy. Programming. Creative. Development. The project manager is vital to getting it right. The chef whose involvement every step of the way means we know just how much of which ingredient provides the best service to our clients. Jen’s experience is vital to the digital projects we deliver for our clients.

Sean Donnelly, Jerry Higgins

Even with all of the programming, algorithms and databases in the world, we still need great, compelling and emotionally driven creative to reach, teach and move consumers. Our work is nurtured and driven by the experienced minds of our creative directors, including our new spark, Sean Donnelly. After all, great work is still human.

Brady Moe, Dana Carpenter

It’s hard to quantify what comprises a big idea when it comes to software engineering. The best approach is to detail strategy, provide an insight and get out of the way. When our clients need something new that will impact their business in ways they’d never considered, they expect an answer. Brady is the mind who gets us there. His intense curiosity gives us revolutionary ideas and digital solutions that work.

Angela Fioretti, Eric Dyken, Jennifer Cooley

Eric joins art directors like Angela and Jenn to make sure our digital work is best in class. We’ve all had experiences of a website or email that just doesn’t feel or perform right. With more than a decade of experience, Eric is a front-end developer who makes our clients’ digital worlds the best they can be for their customers. He turns what looks great on paper into something that performs as well as it looks.

Colin Deval, Bob Prohaska

It’s up to Bob and Colin to make sure all of our ideas and what ifs align with strategy to create a simple experience our clients’ customers will find intuitive and memorable. Their work generates a lot of arrows, circles and diagrams on whiteboards all over the office. But when they’re done, the campaign becomes a story of action and KPIs our clients can get behind.

Nick Krueger, Doug Birling

Strength in numbers. Nick combines the ability of an art director with the technical nous of working in digital spaces and the hunger of a production specialist. For how many years have you heard, the shouts of “More video!”, “More audio!”, “More animation!”, “More photography!” Nick’s adds it all to our team and he does so with enough experience under his belt to let the strategy flow through him.



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