The girls of Core Creative get dirty

August 20, 2012
Dana Carpenter Director, Marketing Communications

There are lots of things I truly love about Core Creative. On any given day there are treats in the kitchen, adult beverages are a plenty, and after eight years, I still find myself being challenged to help drive the success of some kick butt campaigns.

I love challenges. In my lifetime, I’ve dared myself to try something new each year. Get my motorcycle license, done. Learn to shoot, check. Run a 5K, in the mud with three of my best work buds … I’m sorry, come again? Well, I’m never one to back down from a challenge, and neither is Beth Crivello-Wagner, Angi Krueger or Stephanie Hungerford.

So on Saturday, we dragged our butts out of bed bright and early to run The Dirty Girl Mud run , a 5K race for women that includes some pretty muddy obstacles designed to push you out of your comfort zone. Let me tell you, they did just that.

We got to climb up and bounce down what seemed like a 50-foot wall, run through tires, and army crawl through numerous muddy pits. We were covered from head to toe in mud. And you know what, it was AWESOME!

According to race administrators, more than 8,800 women took to the mud that day at the Waukesha County Fair Grounds, totaling more than 16,000 participants during the two-day event.

We started the race together, and we ended it together, locked arm and arm. Doesn’t sound like much, but even outside of the office, the concept of “We” is at the forefront of who we are.

We got down, we got dirty and you’re damn straight we’ll be doing it again next year. Who’s comin’ with me?
Pictured in photo below (from left to right) is Angi Krueger, director of marketing and business development, Beth Crivello-Wagner, director of marketing communications, Dana Carpenter, account supervisor and Stephanie Hungerford, health care account supervisor.