The meaning behind the mark

July 3, 2012
Julie Schlender User Experience Designer

As a graphic designer, I’m often told to “make things pretty.” But when we design, we do it with a purpose. It’s a step – several, actually – beyond making something pretty.

We stick to a process to get to our clients’ core, to identify and develop the meaning behind their brand.

Fortunately that meaning doesn’t have to be sacrificed to create visually appealing work, particularly when we’re addressing a logo.

A great logo exists for years. There’s a reason behind the design, a story to accompany it or a meaning to enhance it. Doing all the research, all the background work to uncover and develop that meaning is the fun part. We want to create work that resonates, tells a story, leaves an impression, and stays true to the brand.

We decided it was time to do it for ourselves.
We saw how the Core brand had evolved and recognized our opportunity to redesign our logo.

We wanted our new logo design to reflect our energetic and collaborative culture, and represent our strategic approach to providing solutions to clients’ challenges. We laid the foundation by developing our own brand compass, an approach we take when building our clients’ brands. And by asking “why?” a lot.

We defined our approach – say it. live it. – and what it meant to us, that internal and external marketing strategies should be developed with a consistent voice. What you say, and the message your customers and employees see and live are cohesive, a yin and a yang, both working together to extend the reach of your brand and build total brand alignment.

We chose to visually represent that concept with our choice of colors. Simply, yellow and blue combine to make green. Live it combines with say it to equal total brand alignment.

So what about the plus sign?
For us, the plus sign isn’t just an expression of how we combine say it. live it. to equal total brand alignment. It’s also indicative of our WE philosophy.

Core is all about teamwork. It’s the way we act around coworkers and clients alike. The more we asked ourselves “why?” the more we realized we exist to solve our clients’ challenges and we develop deep partnerships with them to do so. We want to be a part of their team, to forge a deep connection, to share our thinking and to add ourselves to the mix.


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