An annual tradition that helps build culture at Core Creative

November 21, 2012
Rich Vetrano Vice President, Managing Partner

I had takeout from EE Sane for lunch yesterday. Their Panang curry defies logic. How can any food taste this good? I’ve concluded Thai food is an “absolute good. “ It brings happiness. I read somewhere that there are four levels of happiness. The most basic, bottom level is stuff that brings instant gratification – like food and sex. In my opinion, nothing is more reliable, or as easily attainable as the happiness that food offers.

I’ve come to realize that sharing a food experience with a coworker is a gift for both of you. The idea that “food is love” (sorry, I gagged a little just writing that) is true even when you don’t make it yourself. “Try this ridiculous buffet at Maharaja” is almost as good as “try this lasagna I made.” It’s still a gift that’s generous and intensely personal. And spreading good cheer with food is easy – it’s almost like cheating. Bring in muffins in the morning and it will make somebody’s day. Slam dunk.

Core’s Festivus is an annual tradition. And no, there are no feats of strength and there are only a couple of grievances getting aired.

We have a feast day at Core every year to help build culture – usually the week before Thanksgiving (we just had it last week). Everyone brings something to eat and it’s a big deal here – people go overboard with it. I was explaining the event to Charles Collins, our digital services director, a few weeks ago and he said, “It sounds like a pot luck.” Poor misguided soul. In his defense, he came on board in June and just didn’t understand – he hadn’t yet lived it. It’s so much more than that. It’s sharing and team building and a time to give thanks for the people we work hard with every day. It’s a boatload of amazing food, and the dazed, warm, stuffed (and yes, sometimes regretful) feeling when it’s all over.

Six months from now, I may not recall conversations I had on that day, but I will remember Jerry’s sweet potatoes and Regina’s cornbread stuffing and Dave’s bacon-wrapped dates and those feelings will remain with me.

I forgive you Charles.

Happy Thanksgiving.

To see more photos from Festivus, visit our Flicker photo stream.


Rich Vetrano is a partner at Core and serves as our director of print and digital services. If you didn’t catch it, Rich really likes food. 


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