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July 1, 2014
Irina Finley Assistant Marketing & Media Specialist

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Summer is officially here, and we’re back with a new edition of #themoreyouknow — giving you June’s hottest, most sizzling industry highlights and branding news.

We saw a strong focus on metrics this month, alongside a bevy of award-winning creative campaigns. These are our top picks for June:

‘Like a girl’ is No Longer an Insult in Inspiring Ad From P&G’s Always

Proctor and Gamble created an amazing campaign that redefines the phrase “like a girl,” calling out and shattering the negative connotation. Powerful and purposeful. Watch it here.

Is ‘Attention Time’ the New Key Metric for Measuring PR Success?

Tired of counting likes, followers or other ambiguous metrics? Learn about a new way of measuring not just the time your audience spends on a page, but the attention and interaction they give it.

Only 38% of Marketers Can Separate Prospects From Existing Customers

More isn’t always more — the key to insight isn’t gathering data on data on just a little more data. Read three ways you should be capitalizing on existing CRM data. Break down the acronym and start with the most important: customer.

Facebook’s Slingshot Makes Users Share Photos

It’s the year of duck faces and disappearing selfies, and Facebook wants in. Their latest attempt to compete with Snapchat is Slingshot, where you’ve got to give a selfie to get one.

The World’s 17 Best Print Campaigns of 2013-14

The annual list of ideas you wish were yours. These Grand Prix and gold Lion award winners from the 2014 Cannes Lions festival cover an array of emotions from laughter to heartbreak. Get inspired here.

Facebook Will Now Tell You Why You’re Seeing Those Ads

Facebook is putting the “get” in targeted advertising by helping users understand why certain ads show up on their newsfeed and offering a way to opt-out. Is this an exciting new level of transparency or simply a deflection of criticism about lack of privacy? You decide.

Twerking Rabbits and Human Heads: Why Fiat is Running GIFs on TV

Fiat is giving the people of the internet what they want: GIFs. Check out their new, unorthodox television commercials and see why Fiat thinks this may be “a new culture of commercial.”

Ad of the Day: Photo App Focuses Less on Features and More on Stories

Tech advertisers struggle with finding a human connection in their feature-focused ads. SpeakingPhoto does a great job of finding that illusive connection, demonstrating what their mobile app can do for your daily life.

Did we miss something? Let us know what you loved, what you hated and what you learned.

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