How to turn customers and employees into brand champions

April 19, 2013
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

Most brand managers face a common problem. To turn customers and employees into brand champions, they have to appeal to both the head and the heart. That is, they need to make both an intellectual and emotional argument to engage with the brand.


While the physical distance between head and heart is only about 12 inches, to some marketers the chasm can look more like the Grand Canyon.

When Core’s clients (brand managers) approach us by saying, “We want to rebrand ourselves,” effectively they are saying, “Bridge out.” Help us connect head and heart. Help us promote the right combination of awareness (knowledge) – and preference (feeling) – so that our customers and employees become true “fans” of our brand.

So, how does one go about building a bridge? That’s where Core’s say it. live it.™ branding process comes in. Through it, we help marketers not only define the rationale argument behind their brand (their “what we do” message and their “how we do it better than the competition” message), we also help them define their emotional argument (their “why you should care” message).

Many marketers have figured out their “what” and “how” – i.e. the intellectual argument. Few have defined their “why” – their passionate argument. And until they do, they are missing the most powerful part of brand preference and loyalty – an emotional tie to the brand that links the heart with the head.

Core is dedicated to finding the “why” behind your brand. It’s literally at the heart of your organization – and it’s at the heart of what we do.

But Core does more than help you define your brand spirit, we help you launch it – first internally with employees (who need to live and breathe your brand promise every day in how they act, speak, behave, produce, perform) – then externally with customers (who are looking for you to clearly say why you’re better than the competition).

This is the comprehensive  say it. live it.™ branding process – one that aligns hearts and minds in both customers and employees alike. Accomplish this task, and “Bridge Open.”


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