Using video to create a feeling, and response

May 16, 2017
Rebecca Eckhart PR/Internal Communications Strategist

How to drive both your internal and external audiences to action.

Eliciting feeling, be it with employees or customers, is easier said than done. But it’s feeling that elicits response, and most importantly action. In other words, it’s worth it. The only question is how?

Corporate speak, no matter how you try to jazz it up, is still corporate speak. Sometimes, the best way to convey true feeling is to get out of your own way and let others tell the story for you – be it an employee or a customer. They experience your brand and can share the impact it can have first-hand.

The next challenge is how to share their story. Video is a compelling way to get across the authenticity of what is being shared. It gets back to seeing is believing, it must be true! It also allows a person to use more senses to get caught up in the story being told to fully absorb the impact.

Our client Numotion is the leading distributor of complex rehab technology (CRT) in the country. They help people lead active and independent lives by providing them with mobility solutions. It’s a heart-tugging business, but as with anything, sometimes their mission can get lost in the day-to-day of conducting business. For their annual leadership conference, the company wanted to reinvigorate that mission and shine a spotlight on those at the company who are really living it, and the customers who are benefitting.

Enter Todd Dewey, an Assistive Technology Professional and Numotion employee in North Carolina, and Kierra, a pre-teen customer with Ullrich Myopathy, a rare form or muscular dystrophy. They’ve built a relationship over the years that exemplifies the Numotion brand inside and out. Showcasing their story through a video allowed both to share in their own words why Numotion is the leader in CRT. It’s not just about the innovative technology, it’s the people too.

For employees, the video served as a reminder that no matter what the role, at the end of the day it’s about bringing mobility solutions to Numotion customers. Todd happens to be on the front lines, but everyone at the company can make an impact on the process to ensure customers are given the opportunity of independence.

While this particular video was needed for an internal meeting, as an investment piece, it was created to also be used externally to share beyond Numotion walls the great work the company is capable of. Posted to the company’s website and social channels, it shows a human side to what is sometimes seen as a transaction. Sharing externally also provided the opportunity to engage with other partners, such as the Muscuar Dystrophy Association, to help further share Numotion’s mission.

In the end, the story of how Todd helps advance Kierra’s mobility is what it is all about. It creates a feeling – be it pride or understanding – that connects employees and customers to the Numotion brand, and mission. When employees viewed it for the first time, many had tears in their eyes as they felt the impact their employer has on changing a life. Online, it has been viewed 40,000+ times, with comments cheering on Kierra for regaining her mobility and for Todd’s help in making it happen.

Feelings are everywhere! Compelling employees to go the extra mile in their role, and helping customers better understand the dedication employees have for improving their lives.

Rebecca Eckhart is a Public Relations and Internal Communications Strategist at Core Creative.


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