Visual graphics can be effective in social communication

September 6, 2012
Angi Krueger Vice President, Marketing/Business Development

On Oct., 10, along with a few colleagues from Core, I’ll be attending the fourth annual PR & Social Media Summit at Marquette University. The summit is a one-day conference on the convergence of strategic communications and social media.

Last year, I attended the event for the first time. I enjoyed listening to the many different speakers and roundtable discussions, and interacting with other marketing professionals and students. As an art director by trade, I have always been a visual person. I learn and absorb information better when things are presented in an interesting visual way. And I have to admit – as much as I enjoy listening to many speakers in one day – at times I get a bit antsy and need to do something beyond sitting and listening. So, being the Apple fanatic I am, I like to grab my iPad and stylus to keep myself readily engaged (yes, in college I was one of those people who scribbled all over my notebooks during lecture).

I most often use the app Adobe Ideas to create my sketches, it’s user-friendly and saves the files as vector art (you designers out there will appreciate that). When I sketch, it forces me to distill the information that’s presented and listen for key takeaways that will spark my memory later. These illustrations, created at last year’s summit, use a hierarchy of words (by changing emphasis of size, color and shape), but I often do draw more detailed illustrations when I have more time during a given presentation.

As the event continued through the day, many people were tweeting their thoughts and takeaways from the speakers. I decided to take a different approach and share what I learned visually. Below, you’ll find a few of my sketches from the four sessions I attended last year. I hope it will pique your interest and give you a taste of what you might hear at this year’s summit.

And to prove the fact that visual graphics are effective in social communication, doing sketches like these and sharing them via Twitter has given me the opportunity to create similar sketches for other speakers like Barry Moltz, who I was happy to meet at unGeeked e’lite in Chicago last year, to better communicate their messages for speaking engagements.

Stay tuned on Oct., 10, and look for me on Twitter @angikrueger for sketch notes from this year’s event. More importantly, though, I hope to see you there!

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