What an Inc. 5000 “three-peat” means to us

August 13, 2015
Ward Alles President and Brand Consultant

After surviving and recovering from the Great Recession, Core was recognized among the fastest growing 5000 businesses in the U.S. in 2012 by Inc. Magazine. With continued double-digit growth the following year, we earned that recognition again in 2013.

And now that the entries are all in for 2014, we rank among that prestigious group for yet a third year in a row – a feat, they tell us, which is not so easily achieved.

While we certainly appreciate earning the designation, our Core family doesn’t do what we do in an effort to win awards. We are about winning for our clients – together.5000_color stacked_sm

Did you expect me to say that?

Was it just an “awe shucks,” PC-thing to say?

Or is it simply the truth?

I sincerely hope that our clients, our partners and – most importantly – our employees realize that it is ALL about winning together.

The ‘wizard behind our curtain’ is really our unique say it. live it. share it.™ philosophy. Long story short: We believe that by finding a company’s motivating purpose, you can better align with their employees, customers and communities. At Core, we have found our purpose and that has been the backbone behind how we relate to and communicate with our internal and external partners.

Core exists to add authentic and meaningful value to our clients. To do so, we have to create an attractive work environment that engages top talent. And, to do that, we invest in our culture, processes, technology and, yes – management philosophies – that foster personal and collective growth for our people. That’s our job as owners and managers. Agency growth is the natural byproduct.

Core grows when our clients grow. Our clients grow when our people grow. – Ward Alles

Core grows when our clients grow. Our clients grow when our people grow. You invest in your people, they invest in your clients, and you win together.

This has all propelled our growth.

So, the big question: How did we earn an Inc. 5000 designation three times in a row?

It’s really rather simple. You don’t forget that formula for success. You don’t forget that, at the end of the day, you and your clients are a team – constantly growing and learning from each other…

… and you always, always, always stay hungry.

Many thanks to our clients. Many thanks to our employees. You inspire us to keep striving with you and for you.

And “aw, shucks, Inc. 5000… you shouldn’t have.”


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