Jennifer Cooley

Everything you wanted to know about design terms but were afraid to ask

By Jennifer Cooley on February 13, 2017

Cracking the Design Code

I speak fluent art director. I should. I am one.

But sometimes it’s easy to forget our clients or even colleagues might not know all of the terms we typically toss around, or their confusing definitions.

Who can blame them? The world of design definitely contains some complex terms and processes.

What the wha…?!

And don’t get me started on the acronyms.

Come on. Speak English, already!

I put a handy little infographic cheat sheet together that will hopefully offer a helping hand when confusion strikes. Not only are these terms complex, but sometimes you feel silly asking what they mean. I get it and I’ve been there.

Use it in good health. And if you still have questions or run across a term I don’t have mentioned here, give me a shout as I’m happy to help

Jennifer Cooley is a Senior Art Director at Core Creative.


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