Laura Koski

Three Ways to Be A More Empathetic Healthcare Marketer

By Laura Koski on March 30, 2016

If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m a crier. Show me something that tugs the heartstrings and I’m undoubtedly tearing up. That’s why you might have found me sniffling at my desk the other day after I discovered this new-to-me video from Cleveland Clinic, in which we are encouraged to look beyond a first impression and put ourselves in another’s shoes.

The idea of empathy in healthcare is nothing new. But what about in healthcare marketing? Though no less important than in a clinical setting, empathy in marketing and communications can be a difficult task to master. It’s easy to speak compassionately when sharing a moving story about a patient, but when it comes to day-in-day-out marketing activities, how often do we use the lens of understanding in the work we do?


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