Stephanie Burton

Estimating the cost of your health system’s rebrand

By Stephanie Burton on March 14, 2017

This is the second in a series of two blog posts about introducing a new health system visual identity. The first blog post, “Need a New Visual Identity for Your Health System? Here’s How to Make Your Case,” can be found here.

So, you’ve determined that your health system is ready for a new visual identity. The C-Suite appears to be fully on board. You may have even determined how you’re going to calculate the return on investment of your new brand. Things are looking good.

Then, you stop sleeping. “How much is all of this going to cost?” you frantically think. “Have we captured everything?” You wonder.

Let’s start with cost of a health system rebrand. As you may have guessed, the cost of a rebrand depends on a number of factors, most specifically the size of your health system. Take a look at these examples:

Many other health system visual identities cost far less to implement, largely depending on size and scope.

As with every facet of marketing, planning is the best way to ease your fears and get back to sleep. This budget estimator will help you determine what a rebrand budget could look like for your health system.

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