Ward Alles

Brand storytelling Pixar-style

By Ward Alles on April 5, 2016

As brand consultants, Core Creative applies the theory of ONE and only ONE branding guru, i.e. Simon Sinek and his “Start With Why” philosophy.

The reason? It’s the best methodology we’ve found to define a brand’s purpose and appeal to both a CEO’s reason and his employees’ and customers’ passions. That, ultimately, is our role as a branding firm: to persuade both to the head … and to the heart.

As storytellers, however, Core applies myriad ways of conveying the who, what, how, when and why behind a brand.

The reason? We need to tell stories in all sorts of ways, using all sorts of mediums, to connect with all sorts of people. The cumulative effect of ongoing storytelling and brand management keeps a company thriving, interesting and relevant to new audiences.

One such way to tell a brand story is to apply the Pixar model, explained here.

Our new agency video, for example, tells the Core 21-year-old history (in 1:06 flat), using the same formula used in such family movie classics as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo.

Watch as we tell you about our humble beginnings to our current unique value proposition in just six sentences, starting with (you guessed it) “Once upon a time…” as our prologue.

The formula works. In fact, telling a brand’s story in this creative and simple way is a fun exercise to conduct at your company.

Recently, Core asked sixteen blue-collar employees of a mid-sized manufacturer to do just that. At the end of a branding focus group, we divided the employees into groups of four and gave them the Pixar formula. In a matter of 15 minutes, each group wrote beautiful, compelling and heart-felt stories about THEIR company. Each slightly different. But each spot on and inspiring.

Do you wonder what your employees would do? Now, wouldn’t that be a great story to tell.


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