Angi Krueger

Brand Values: More than just warm fuzzies

By Angi Krueger on August 22, 2013

If your employees live your brand internally, your brand will have greater value externally. We all know and hear time and time again that employees are an organization’s greatest asset. We say it. You say it. Customers think it.

But what are you doing to build that asset’s value? How are you motivating those employees, leading them to see the value in their role and performance? How are you connecting them with your organization’s values by developing on-brand behaviors?

Three Steps to bring life to your brand values – Internally 

  1. Develop a rewards & recognition program: Everyone wants to be appreciated. Provide the framework (program) and recognition (peer nominations, rewards) your employees deserve. Enable employees to nominate each other for a job well done in a number of categories that directly relate to your brand values. Maybe it’s as specific as a task completed or maybe it’s as general as recognizing someone for “Being Curious” and sharing industry news within your organization. Either way, it acts not only as a reminder of what it takes to be successful for your company, it helps build an internal culture of respect and understanding among your team.
  2. Tie your brand values to your review process: Chances are you have a process developed for your employee reviews. If you don’t, there’s no better time than now. As you develop that process, tie those on-brand behaviors to your employees’ goals to keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. Doing so will align your team’s success measurements and personal goals with your brand. It’s a great chance to build internal strength so you can turn that strength outward for your external audience.
  3. Get creative: Develop an engaging theme. There’s a lot to be said for great design of basic forms and programs. We don’t want these programs to be cheesy and ra-ra-ra, but a creative theme that aligns with your internal strategies and goals can improve engagement with the program, and understanding of why it matters.

If you pay attention to nurturing that greatest asset – your employees – you’ll increase the strength of your internal brand, and, therefore, increase your organization’s value. That is, you’ll increase the contribution your employees can make to the overall customer experience your organization presents – internally and externally.

Angi Krueger is Core’s vice president of marketing and business development. After many years working as an art director, she is instrumental in developing the strategic direction for both our clients and ourselves. Follow Angi on Twitter @angikrueger.