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Digital Bookmobile: Branding News in March

By Bethany Rucinski on April 2, 2014

Do you remember the ‘bookmobile’ from when we were kids (that is, if you were born before the 90s)? The bus that was converted into a library with only the most desirable books that parked in your neighborhood once a week?

Today, I think they’re an endangered species, so we decided to bring you the digital version — a mini bookmobile with the most enticing advertising/marketing industry news, delivered to a computer near you.


[h2] Top Marketing News [/h2]

How do we find the time to read all this industry news? It’s a team effort, no doubt.

Within the walls of Core Creative, we wake up our computers in the morning and log onto “Yammer” — it’s like Facebook, but exclusively with your coworkers. As we find interesting articles that stimulate conversation or debate, or encourage change, we post them to Yammer with the hashtag: #TheMoreYouKnow.

At the end of each month, we’ll give you a taste of Core’s Yammer shenanigans and compile some of our favorite #TheMoreYouKnow web articles so you can enjoy it too.


[h4] Without further ado, allow your brain chew on these: [/h4]

Resistance is Futile: The AP Will Now Accept ‘Over” as a Synonym for ‘More Than’

March 20: the day over millions of English-teaching hearts broke. Or should that be “more than?” Doesn’t matter to the AP Stylebook — “over” is now a stylistically acceptable synonym for “more than.” And so this grammar war ends, not with a bang but a tweet.


Facebook News Feed Update Gives Brands More Reach

If Facebook didn’t already give new meaning to word-of-mouth advertising, it just upped its game. Facebook for the win.


… Yet, At the Same Time … Is Facebook Forcing Ad Spending?

Recent reports have Facebook slashing organic reach. The action would drive a more concentrated ad spend for companies trying to connect their presence and their content with the right audience.


Using Cornerstone Content to make your Site Rank

Individual pages rank, whole websites don’t. So if your info is important, it deserves a page, not just a post. You can internally link back to this hub page from within your site’s other content and share it with relevant parties. Remember to keep updating and linking and rejoice in your ranking.


The Next Chapter of Social Media Marketing is the Paid Promo

“Owned” and “earned,” meet “paid” — the new king of social media. Brands still need all three to survive, but with today’s clutter and level of competition, paid media is your new best friend. Get your strategy and technology down, and you could be getting more precise, more effective results than ever before.


How an Insurance Brand is Winning at Social

New York Life has more fans and followers than any other life insurance provider. The secret to the brand’s success? Only sharing information that’s actually useful. Who’d have thought? By thinking of followers not as consumers but as participants in a conversation, New York Life makes real connections (and dominates the competition).


The New Creative Team and the New Creative Individual

If you can buy it, you can customize it. So why not customize your creative team? In the face of today’s creative challenges, the classic Art Director/Copywriter team isn’t always the right fit. Specific jobs deserve specific teams brought together for both their individual skills and their dynamic as a whole. If I can get personalized tissues, I want personalized creative.


The Planning Community Needs to Assert Itself More to Get Brands to Act

You may know what you think you think, but do you really know what you actually think? Confused yet? In reality, it’s simple: planners know how brands and advertising should work. Yet somehow, brands and advertising don’t always work that way. So turn what you think you think into what you really think. Make your thoughts actions. You know what to do.

Of particular note:

“For instance: ‘That brands are now built as much by what they do as by what they say. That we live in the age of a vocal, connected consumer where peer-to-peer influence is now powerful at scale.’”

I know. It’s not as glorious as stepping onto the real bookmobile. But you can read this on a 3-by-2 inch screen that is also a phone — pretty impressive, too.


[h4] What do you think? [/h4]
Anything resonate enough for you to make a change or ask more of your agency? Let us know your thoughts!


Bethany Rucinski is Core Creative’s newest copywriter. Bethany has a particular expertise in writing for health care marketing and SEO. Follow Bethany on Twitter @BethanyRucinski.