Colin Deval

Three easy steps to building a social brand

By Colin Deval on October 24, 2013

It is of paramount importance a company understands its brand and how that brand will be expressed and received by its audience in the social space.

A social brand is created, nurtured and grown in the space that exists between a company and its customers. Today, that space is an open opportunity for direct connection, engagement, conversation and creativity. Customers expect it and companies are able to build it. And companies who work to develop their brand with their stakeholders – internal and external – in the social space can build organizational strength.

Each action you take, each message you share builds your brand and the personality your customers will identify with. Make sure you understand and adhere to your company’s brand values so you have the confidence to develop human, useful and creative interactions with your audience.

Develop a modular approach to get your company going in the social space, in that place where your brand exists, the space between your company and your customers. Fill those modules, not with drivel that wedges your way into a conversation, but with strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Fill it with thoughtful and, yes, fun messaging that comes from the heart of your brand. Be there for people and build a positive brand experience for them.

  1. Build a foundation – Craft the tools you’ll need, items like a brand compass, social media policy and strategic plan.
  2. Tell your story – Through media relations and your own content development. Build a calendar to plan ahead, but be nimble enough to pounce when opportunity knocks.
  3. Customer Service – Understand your audience as vital curators of your brand, and how you’ll engage, support, listen and welcome them and their opinions.

People act when they connect socially with a company. They buy. They recommend. They advocate. That’s your opportunity to build your social brand.

And today, with the social web experience, the creative opportunities to do that are endless.

This article was originally published in BizTimes Milwaukee. Follow them on Twitter @BizTimesMedia.

Colin is a PR and social media specialist at Core Creative. Follow Colin on Twitter @colindeval.