Tracey Huebner

Building Your Employer Brand Through Authentic Storytelling

By Tracey Huebner on January 28, 2016

As director of human resources at your company, I’m certain you’ve seen something truly amazing happen during your workday and thought, “if only applicants could see this, they’d know what working here is all about.” That‘s the potential that authentic storytelling can have on your recruiting process. Building your employer brand is about capturing those moments that exemplify your company’s brand and sharing those stories to attract potential candidates and engage employees.

“We have so many stories to share, where would we begin?”

It starts with defining your brand. You might be uncertain if your company has a brand or are unsure what that brand is. At Core, we specialize in making brands more human and bringing your brand to life for both internal and external audiences.

Through our brand discovery, we conduct focus groups to learn about your company’s culture. We guide the conversation around key topics to get to the heart of what you do, how you do it and most importantly why you do it. We discover how you work with each other, customers and vendors; and how you differ from your competition. Through this process, your company’s brand personality starts to emerge and we hear the stories and unique moments that define your company’s culture, which is what your employer brand represents.

Next, we define our findings in a brand compass. This document is used as a roadmap to ensure all communication moving forward reflects an aligned company and employer brand. You’ll know we’ve hit the mark on the brand compass when you’ve read through it and have a “yes, that’s us” reaction.

Through our brand discovery and definition, themes emerge that define your brand and passionate stories emerge that exemplify your brand. Our goal is to bring your brand to life through the authentic stories of those “brand champions”.

We used this approach when working with Charter Manufacturing. Charter knew their culture was special. They also felt that if more people knew what it’s like to work at Charter and the opportunities that they offer, it would significantly help their recruiting efforts.

Charter’s well-defined culture came through loud and clear early on in our brand discovery. We heard numerous heart-felt stories (several of which gave us chills and one had us teary-eyed.) Soon, the company’s mantra “One Family. One Team.” emerged. We chose to bring Charter’s brand to life with a series of six “brand champions” videos, each one focusing on a brand theme. The videos speak to Charter’s various recruiting audiences (skilled trades, hourly, interns and salaried applicants). The videos are used to bolster employee engagement, on-board new employees and strengthen recruitment efforts.

Storytelling through your employees is a powerful way to convey the human side of your employer brand. When you witness the next inspirational moment at your company, think about how powerful it would be to give those employees the opportunity to share that story. We’d consider it a privilege to help you tell it.