Beth Crivello-Wagner

Why Cause Marketing is the Perfect Win-Win

By Beth Crivello-Wagner on October 10, 2014

When it comes to brand building, what many organizations fail to realize is most people wouldn’t care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow. Poof. Gone. No big deal. In fact, according to another study, only 25% of consumers say that brand loyalty affected how they shopped. So what do consumers care about? Brands that matter – that make a difference. Consumers want to engage with brands that don’t just serve themselves but understand their important position as community leaders and supporters.  What we’re talking about here is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and it’s not just good for the community, it’s good business.

Certainly, both large and small companies are to be applauded for practicing good corporate citizenship and doing their part to tackle the world’s social, environmental, health and economic challenges. However, if they are simply giving to the pet projects of the president’s wife, or only supporting the causes championed by an employee or two, they might be missing out on a strategic brand-building opportunity. Or, if they are segmenting efforts (give a little here, give a little there) they are missing out on a chance to make a much greater impact – a brand, community, employee and cause impact.

After all, better focus brings greater results.

This is where Core’s say it. live it.™ branding process naturally extends to a third brand building category, cause-related marketing, or what we affectionately call share it.™ By sharing your good fortune and brand stability with organizations in need, you create lasting bonds that go far beyond product or service loyalty.

Core’s cause marketing services surrounding share it can help companies:

  • Tie corporate giving and CSR back to their brand, aligning mission, vision and values
  • “Own” a cause rather than simply be a “me too” player, streamlining and focusing efforts to make the greatest impact possible
  • Create programs that engage others – from customers to employees to business partners – thereby extending the brand and making it inclusive for the modern social masses
  • Remain relevant in the face of dramatically changing media and competing voices – underscoring that CSR isn’t a matter of “could,” rather it’s a matter of “should”
  • Tell their stories in an emotional way that creates excitement and a lasting impression

Want to learn more about what share it can mean for you? We’d welcome the opportunity to help you build your brand while you build up others. That’s our passion. Our “why.”

So let’s strengthen your brand – and our communities – together.

Beth Crivello-Wagner is Vice President of Client Services at Core Creative. Connect with Beth on LinkedIn or on Twitter.