What I’ve learned during my creative internship

By First Name Last Name on May 16, 2013

Four years, ago I made the decision to move from my small hometown of Wilson, NY to attend college at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. In high school, I discovered I had a strong passion for design and MIAD seemed like the perfect fit. At MIAD, I was able to learn, perfect and push my passion for design while majoring in communication design, with a minor in photography.

Alley Grace has been Core Creative's intern for the past six months.
Alley Grace has been Core Creative’s intern for the past six months. We wish her the best of luck in the future!

From the initial moment I stepped into Core Creative, I got the feeling it would be a place where I would fit in as perfectly as I did when I went to MIAD. I came to Core as a MIAD student and was presented the opportunity to become their creative design intern. In my time at Core Creative, I was able to gain real-world experiences while working on client projects, attending meetings and even going on photo shoots. Any day I was at Core, everyone was in a good mood – anxious to give me work and able to make me laugh.

Now, almost six months after the first time I stepped in the door, my internship comes to an end. I was a design intern elsewhere with a traditional internship experience, but Core offered me so much more. I was able to see, learn and interact with a group of professional and dedicated designers in a dynamic environment. I will forever be grateful to everyone at Core for taking the time to help me understand the world of professional design, and for always treating me like colleague (not just an intern).

The biggest things I was able to take away and learn about professional design were:

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  • How to manage my time, and understand how much time is needed for a specific project and budget.
  • What questions needed to be asked at the start of projects. Doing so allows me to contribute to my team and become a more insightful designer for the clients I serve.
  • How an effective creative agency works. Not just designing because you’re skilled at it, but also how the account services and marketing departments work together with designers and writers … all to deliver passionate work for clients.
  • You can only get so much experience while studying in school; the rest has to be gained out in the field. You have to put yourself in places and positions, interacting with the people around you … and I am fortunate enough to have done just that while at Core Creative.


I would like to sincerely thank everyone at Core Creative for giving me an unbelievable internship experience I will never forget.