Dave Hanson

Behind the Scenes: From the scout to the screen

By Dave Hanson on November 1, 2012

In the advertising industry, people see our finished work all the time. On the TV, on the Web, in a magazine, in a tradeshow booth – wherever our clients’ needs take us. But what you don’t often get to see is the work that goes on behind the scenes.

We recently launched our newest campaign for Kohl’s Conversations for the Cure, a joint initiative from the Southeast Wisconsin Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Kohl’s Cares. Our campaign features the stories of real breast cancer survivors, showing the impact a simple conversation about breast cancer can have in saving women’s lives. Two of these stories were captured on video, and told in 3-minute short film format with the help of director Ben Eisner.

Here’s a look behind the curtain at the filming of Minerva’s story.

Ben, Julie, our art director who worked on this project, and I began by interviewing Minerva, which I recorded on my phone for storyboarding later. Through our conversation, we learned about her breast cancer story and a little about her and her family. We discovered that she lived near a beach, where she would go for quiet reflection while she was battling breast cancer. We also learned they had a newly remodeled kitchen where they would often host friends and family. We decided these would provide ideal setting for the video.

With three cameras rolling, we snapped a total of 387 photos in about an hour. After fueling up on some much-needed Mexican food, we went back to the office, printed out contact sheets and assembled our storyboard.

Contact sheets from the scout.

The scout revealed a home rich with Mexican heritage and a family that was more beautiful than we could have possibly imagined. We’ve selected a few shots here to show you how they progressed from the scout to the shoot to the final video.

Minerva’s daughters, Avalin and Athena, were absolutely gorgeous. We knew immediately that we wanted to feature them heavily in the video.


Avalin’s pale blue eyes were simply stunning. Ben caught this gem.


The crew frames up the shot while the girls search for the perfect rock to take home.



Ben told the girls, “Look, there’s a little bug stuck behind the camera lens.”

Another shot we wanted to get was Minerva’s striking black hair blowing in the wind.


Minerva’s magnificent mane.


Julie helped the crew frame the shot from several different angles.


A perfect breeze kept Minerva’s hair moving. No fan guy required.

Here are a few more photos from our scout that inspired shots in the video. Some are in the foreground while others provide a backdrop for a scene. Take a look and see if you can pick them out in Minerva’s final video:


And here is the final video:



To see other videos we produced as part of the campaign, visit the website at www.KohlsConversationsfortheCure.org. Read the full story behind the campaign here.

Dave Hanson is a senior copywriter at Core Creative. He just celebrated his first anniversary with our team and has logged 7 years working with agencies in Milwaukee.